1. Bring your own bud.
    We do not sell, distribute or allow the sale or distribution of medical marijuana (or otherwise) within our lounge.
  2. Must be a patient and have your patient card with you at all times within the lounge.
    If you do not have your patient card, you will not be allowed onto the premisis. This is MO state law and it will be upheld in order to protect the lounge and all of it’s patrons.
  3. Be cool.
    Do not cause any chaos or issues with any staff of the lounge or patrons. You will not be welcomed back into the lounge. Respect one another and the lounge as a whole at all times.
  4. Drive Safely.
    If you choose to drive your personal vehicle to the lounge and medicate, we strongly recommend taking a ride sharing service such as Uber or Lyft. We will happily call one for you at your own expense, if you become too impaired to drive. We are not liable for any issues.
  5. Respect the Lounge.
    We do offer equiptment rental and have a comfortable set up of furniture that we welcome our guests to use. These items are costly and we expect all patrons to respect all things within the lounge at all times. If you have any questions about how to use any equiptment in the lounge, please ask your concierge.