Our Mission


Public consumption for patients is still illegal in the state of Missouri. We are focused on providing a fun and relaxing location for all Missouri Patients!

Maybe you’re looking to get away and medicate alone, medicate with friends, host a patient party/event, or just socialize with new people while you medicate and make like-minded friends.


We firmly believe in building an accepting community in Kansas City. This starts with you. Meet new people, join one of our groups, frequent our events and participate in our classes and activities. We want to build strong connections amongst our staff and patients.

Education & Concierge

Our concierge team will walk you through new ways to medicate and proper dosing, helping you gain knowledge and technique. From dabs to rolling, we do it all! If you’re new to a delivery system, we have you covered with our device rental and concierge assistance.

Peaceful Environment

We provide a relaxing, confidential environment for medicating purposes. Our comfortable lounge includes board games, video games, free WiFi, TV, couches, chairs, a movie viewing room and private rooms available.


Emerald Garden promotes patient wellness. We strive to make your life better. Medicating should always be an enjoyable experience to best fit your needs. We have multiple wellness mediums focused on self-care creating a healthier YOU!